Picture of Joe and Jason
Joe Krinock (L) and Jason Bailey (R)

NOTSTR8CAST is the podcast that gives you news and views from a not straight perspective.

NOTSTR8CAST is hosted by Jason Bailey and Joe Krinock from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

New shows are published every Thursday.


Joe’s experience over the past two decades has spanned the range of both Communications and Information Technology, from developing web sites, technical support and video production for a cellular provider in the US and working at three television stations.

With all that experience behind him, in 2012, Joe started a video podcast network called NOTSTR8.tv. Quickly, the podcast network grew to hundreds of viewers a week, and to the point where he was producing five shows a week while also working full-time at his day job.

Joe hosted two of his own shows, STR8/NOTSTR8, and Cup of Joe. The two shows were somewhat similar to NOTSTR8CAST, but were video podcasts.

In 2014, NOTSTR8.tv was acquired by Wolf Mountain Network, owner of Gay Life Television. As Joe was to later find out, his NOTSTR8.tv podcast network was actually doing better than Gay Life Television was at the time it was acquired, and with Joe relegated to show host and producer at Gay Life Television, the shows he had brought over from his own network were promptly ran into the ground by the incompetence of it’s owner, who we refer to as “Redhead Blackbeard” on the podcast.

By 2015, Joe was burn out, and retired from podcasting, and vowed to never podcast ever again.

That is, until Jason came along…

Jason’s story…

Jason joined Gay Life Television in 2014 to help with their marketing, which is where he met Joe. After about a year, Jason realized that Gay Life Television was run by a narcissistic sociopath. In 2015, He, Joe and most of the other staff left.

However, Jason had done some shows with Joe during his time at GLTV, and years later, Jason relentlessly asked Joe to do a new podcast with him until Joe finally gave in and said “Fine.”

And that, in 2021, is where we are at.

We both hope you are informed and entertained by our podcast, and we welcome your feedback.