For the second year in a row, Skittles has removed all of the color from their logo and candy in honor of pride month.

Skittles is celebrating Pride Month by giving up their rainbow and donating sales revenue to GLAAD. According to their Twitter account:

During PRIDE only #OneRainbow matters. That’s why we have given up our rainbow to show support for the LGBTQ+ community! For every SKITTLES Pride Pack sold we are donating $1 to @glaad


On June 1st to celebrate the first day of Pride Month, Skittles updated their profile photo on Facebook and Twitter to match the design of the colorless Skittles. Some responses were from people who were confused by the change; however many of the responses were positive. Some of the responses from the LGBTQIA community were hilarious.


One user writes: “Just find it interesting that during this of all months, they choose not to lead with the motto: ‘Taste the rainbow.’ ????


Another user commented: Skittles your logo is as white as my legs in the sun ???? I as a lgbt folk appreciate what you do every June(plus skittles is like my favorite candy so I mean ????????????



Not all of the reactions were positive…

On Twitter, there was a fire storm of angry people from all different communities.

There were a number of people who wanted to discuss the origins of the rainbow such as the user that commented “The only rainbow that matters is not for lgbtq it’s what God put out after he flooded the earth as a promise he would not do it again… but think why did God flood the earth in the first place..”



There were a number of people that had concerns about the packaging, and the wording associated with the in-store labeling. One user writes “Please explain this.”

And then, of course, there were the ignorant bigots.