A young lesbian couple was voted prom royalty by their classmates at Kings High School in Kings Mills, Ohio. Riley Loudermilk and Annie Wise were elected prom king and queen respectively. The couple, both 18, have known each other since the third grade. They began dating about six months ago.

“It was so cool — it was like loud screaming, lots of tears,” Wise told NBC News about the surprise announcement. “My crown fell off and it broke. There was a lot going on, but it’s something I’ll never forget. It was amazing.”

When a congratulatory announcement was posted on the school district’s Facebook page, the post went viral. It received nearly 5,000 likes and 500 shares so far.

Still, not everyone was so pleased. Some parents complained at a recent school board meeting. Jen Kirby, Wise’s mother, was not bothered.

“Some people, you’re never going to change their mind,” Kirby told NBC affiliate WLWT. “And you know what? That’s OK, too. People are allowed to believe and feel what they believe and feel.”